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Toward the end of the 19th century, American cities exploded with growth in number and population. This urbanization created a tremendous opportunity in Knoxville, TN for John R. Gilbert to start his own plastering and lathing company in 1883.

Mr. Gilbert operated and grew the business over the next 29 years. With the maturation of his children, in 1912 he changed the name to "John R. Gilbert & Sons". The family was able to survive the country's economic collapse and despair of "The Great Depression". In 1932, Mr. Gilbert's son Bert took the reigns and operated the company under the name "Bert R. Gilbert Plastering Co."

In 1972 the third generation (Mr. Hoyle Gilbert) was handed the baton and expanded the operations of the company to include painting and drywall installation.

In 1980, Mr. J. Bill Odom came to the "Gilbert Plastering & Painting Co." as a general manager, and with Mr. Gilbert's retirement Mr. Odom purchased parts of the business. In 1984, Mr. Odom's company was incorporated under the name "Odom Construction Systems, Inc."

The company is still a family owned business that has grown to provide services in Plastering/EIFS, Painting/Vinyl Wall Covering, Drywall, Acoustical, Masonry & Metal Trusses.

Executive Team

Bill Odom

Billy Odom
Chief Executive Officer

Melinda Sands
Chief Financial Officer

Danny Odom
Chief Operating Officer

OCS Mission

Mission Statement

To exceed customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality service in the industry

Vision Statement

Odom Construction is dedicated to maintaining standards of excellence based on values of integrity, commitment, professionalism, accountability, and honesty. The company desires to provide an environment that promotes cohesiveness among its employees and a continual opportunity for personal and professional growth. The vision and devotion to these values will position the company as a leader in the construction industry.


  • Develop and maintain an effective and efficient operation
  • Be responsible to employee needs and help its employees to be productive contributors
  • Enhance and promote the company's image as the leader in the profession
  • Acquire, maintain and retain the best human and physical resources to ensure high quality services
  • Create a staff that is diverse, well trained, enthusiastic and team-oriented
  • Develop effective communications and cooperative relationships within the organization, customers, suppliers and our other valued components that work together to reach all our goals for everyone
  • Promote a positive relationship with the local community, its agencies and citizens